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.o0( #OpCannabis 01.20.2013 Press Release )0o.

Greetings Citizens of the World

We are Anonymous

We were writing this Press Release this one time…and then suddenly! a random Anon appeared and dropped tons of info on us. We will now present that info to you verbatim as it was presented to us. This information is some of the more recent developments in the plethora of medical benefits of Cannabis that have, against all logic and the best interest of humanity, remained largely unnoticed.

We largely suspect this to be the result of the medical industries inability to make money off of a naturally occurring plant that anyone can grow that can replace the $10,000 treatments your “Doctors” will force feed you. We absolutely implore you to TELL EVERYONE, Especially those you know that are suffering from any number of ailments and “terminal” illnesses that Cannabis has been shown to be surprisingly effective at treating.

This is hard evidence from the SCIENTIFIC community. Who are paid to conduct invaluable research. These people are not profiting off of your death. So they have exponentially less motive to withhold this information from you.

Before we get on with the goods. Let us also put forth a CALL TO ACTION for this years 04/20/2013. Instead of a mass smoke out, or a protest of a particular location. This year. On 04/20/2013 we have but one simple request. With Cannabis inevitably on peoples minds on 04/20 we are calling for each of you to simply convince one person to CURE THEMSELVES with Cannabis. The stories and subsequent documentation of your success will do more then any protest ever could.

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Blog https://opcannabis.wordpress.com/

Vitamin Cannabis DOCU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7SDt4pJ_Qo
Clearing the smoke: The Science behind Cannabis http://watch.montanapbs.org/video/1825223761/

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do Not Forgive
We do Not Forget
Expect Us!

Here is the information we were provided.

The Science on Cannabinoids and Cancer

Cannabinoids reduce the spread and growth of cancer cells, including breast cancer, oral cancer, colon cancer, and skin cancer.

Cannabinoids disrupt cancer cells’ metastasis and interrupt their usual cell cycle.

Cannabinoids make cancer cells kill themselves, without affecting healthy cells.

Cannabinoids reduce the spread of tumors and can lead to tumor regression.

Cannabinoids used in cancer treatment have no neurotoxic effects.

In no particular order:
(1) Cannabidiolic acid, a major cannabinoid in fiber-type cannabis, is an inhibitor of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell migration
Basic info

Published in: Toxicology Letters (November 2012)


Daiichi University of Pharmacy (Japan)

Hokuriku University (Japan)

Pennsylvania State University (USA)

“Results of the current investigation revealed that CBDA inhibits migration of the highly invasive MDA-MB-231 human breast cancer cells, apparently through a mechanism involving inhibition of cAMP-dependent protein kinase A, coupled with an activation of the small GTPase, RhoA. It is established that activation of the RhoA signaling pathway leads to inhibition of the mobility of various cancer cells, including MDA-MB-231 cells.”
Cannabidiolic acid reduces the spread of breast cancer cells, through a pathway that is already known for reducing the spread of other types of cancer cells.
(2) Use of cannabinoid receptor agonists in cancer therapy as palliative and curative agent
Basic info

Published in: Best Practice & Research Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (Feb 2009)


University of Salerno (Italy)

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Italy)

“[…] predominantly inhibitory effects on tumour growth and migration, angiogenesis, metastasis, and also inflammation have been described. Emerging evidence suggests that agonists of cannabinoid receptors expressed by tumour cells may offer a novel strategy to treat cancer.”
Activating the cannabinoid receptors reduces the spread and growth of tumors, suggesting that cannabinoids could be a new way to treat cancer.
(3) Cannabinoids in intestinal inflammation and cancer
Basic info

Published in: Pharmacological Research (August 2009)


University of Naples Federico II (Italy)

“Studies on epithelial cells have shown that cannabinoids exert antiproliferative, antimetastatic and apoptotic effects as well as reducing cytokine release and promoting wound healing. In vivo, cannabinoids – via direct or indirect activation of CB1 and/or CB2 receptors – exert protective effects in well-established models of intestinal inflammation and colon cancer.”
Cannabinoids reduce the spread of cancer cells, disrupt these cells’ metastasis, make cancer cells kill themselves (apoptosis), promote the healing of wounds, and protect the body from inflammation and cancer.
(4) Cannabinoids attenuate cancer pain and proliferation in a mouse model
Basic info

Published in: Neuroscience Letters (January 2011)


University of California, San Francisco (USA)

New York University (USA)

“When treated with WIN55,212-2 (non-selective), ACEA (CBr1-selective) or AM1241 (CBr2-selective) agonists in vitro, oral cancer cell proliferation was significantly attenuated in a dose-dependent manner. In vivo, systemic administration (0.013 M) of WIN55,212-2, ACEA, or AM1241 significantly attenuated cancer-induced mechanical allodynia. Tumor growth was also significantly attenuated with systemic AM1241 administration. Our findings suggest a direct role for cannabinoid mechanisms in oral cancer pain and proliferation. The systemic administration of cannabinoid receptor agonists may have important therapeutic implications wherein cannabinoid receptor agonists may reduce morbidity and mortality of oral cancer.”
Cannabinoids significantly reduce the spread and growth of oral cancer cells.
(5) Endocannabinoid system modulation in cancer biology and therapy
Basic info

Published in: Pharmacological Research (August 2009)

“Emerging evidence suggests that agonists of cannabinoid receptors, which share the useful property to discern between tumor cells and their non-transformed counterparts, could represent novel tumor-selective tools to treat cancer in addition to their already exploited use as palliative drugs to treat chemotherapy-induced nausea, pain and anorexia/weight loss in cancer patients. “
Cannabinoids can tell the difference between healthy cells and tumor cells.
(6) Cannabinoids in the treatment of cancer
Basic info

Published in: Cancer Letters (November 2009)


University of Otago (New Zealand)

“Cannabinoids, the active components of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa, along with their endogenous counterparts and synthetic derivatives, have elicited anti-cancer effects in many different in vitro and in vivomodels of cancer. While the various cannabinoids have been examined in a variety of cancer models, recent studies have focused on the role of cannabinoid receptor agonists (both CB1 and CB2) in the treatment of estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer.”
Cannabinoids have been shown to have anti-cancer effects in many different experiments.
(7) Cannabinoids and omega-3/6 endocannabinoids as cell death and anticancer modulators
Basic info

Published in: Progress in Lipid Research (January 2013)


University of Aberdeen (UK)

Strathclyde University (UK)

“Cannabinoids-endocannabinoids are anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative, anti-invasive, anti-metastatic and pro-apoptotic in most cancers, in vitro and in vivo in animals. They signal […] to induce cell cycle arrest, autophagy, apoptosis and tumour inhibition.”
“Evidence in vivo and in vitro shows EPA and DHA can form endocannabinoids that: (i) are ligands for CB1/2 receptors and possibly TRPV-1, (ii) have non-receptor mediated bioactivity, (iii) induce cell cycle arrest, (iii) increase autophagy and apoptosis, and (iv) augment chemotherapeutic actions in vitro.”
Cannabinoids not only reduce the spread and growth of cancer cells but also kill cancerous cells. Cannabinoids stop cancer cells from continuing their usual cycle, tell them to eat each other, tell them to kill themselves, and generally reduce the spread of tumors.
(8) Cannabis & Cannabinoids
Basic info

Review by the National Institute of Health (USA)


Describes and cites scientific evidence.
(9) Towards the use of cannabinoids as anti-tumour agents
Basic info

Published in: Nature Reviews Cancer (May 2012)


Complutense University (Spain)

“Various reports have shown that cannabinoids (the active components of marijuana and their derivatives) can reduce tumour growth and progression in animal models of cancer, in addition to their well-known palliative effects on some cancer-associated symptoms.”
Cannabinoids can reduce tumor growth.
(10) Anti-tumoral action of cannabinoids
Basic info

Published in: Nature Medicine (March 2000)


Complutense University (Spain)

“9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, the main active component of marijuana, induces apoptosis of transformed neural cells in culture. Here, we show that intratumoral administration of 9-tetrahydrocannabinol and the synthetic cannabinoid agonist WIN-55,212-2 induced a considerable regression of malignant gliomas in Wistar rats and in mice deficient in recombination activating gene 2. Cannabinoid treatment did not produce any substantial neurotoxic effect in the conditions used.”
THC makes cancer cells kill themselves. Cannabinoids led to a considerable regression of tumors in rats, but did not lead to neurotoxic effects.
(11) Gliomas / Cancer
Basic info

Review by NORML (USA)


Describes and cites scientific evidence.
(12) Inhibition of skin tumor growth and angiogenesis in vivo by activation of cannabinoid receptors
Basic info

Published in: The Journal of Clinical Investigation (January 2003)


Complutense University (Spain)

Clemson University (USA)

“In cell culture experiments pharmacological activation of cannabinoid receptors induced the apoptotic death of tumorigenic epidermal cells, whereas the viability of nontransformed epidermal cells remained unaffected. Local administration of the mixed CB1/CB2 agonist WIN-55,212-2 or the selective CB2 agonist JWH-133 induced a considerable growth inhibition of malignant tumors generated by inoculation of epidermal tumor cells into nude mice. Cannabinoid-treated tumors showed an increased number of apoptotic cells. This was accompanied by impairment of tumor vascularization, as determined by altered blood vessel morphology and decreased expression of proangiogenic factors (VEGF, placental growth factor, and angiopoietin 2). Abrogation of EGF-R function was also observed in cannabinoid-treated tumors. These results support a new therapeutic approach for the treatment of skin tumors.”
Cannabinoids led to the suicide of skin cancer cells, but did not affect healthy skin cells. Cannabinoids considerably reduced the growth of skin cancer, and prevented the tumor from creating new blood vessels.

220 marijuana cases dismissed in King, Pierce counties

Source: Seattletimes.com

From TFA

UPDATE 3:03 p.m. King and Pierce County prosecutors are dismissing more than 220 misdemeanor marijuana cases in response to Tuesday’s vote to decriminalize small amounts of pot.

In King County, 175 cases are being dismissed involving people 21 and older and possession of one ounce or less. I-502 makes one ounce of marijuana legal on Dec. 6, but King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg decided to apply I-502 retroactively.

“Although the effective date of I-502 is not until December 6, there is no point in continuing to seek criminal penalties for conduct that will be legal next month,” Satterberg said in a statement.

The dismissed cases involved arrests in unincorporated King County, as well as the state highways and the University of Washington. About 40 of the cases had already been filed in court as criminal charges; those charges will be dismissed. Another 135 cases were pending charging decisions and will simply be returned to the arresting police agency.

Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said he was dismissing “about four dozen” pending cases where misdemeanor marijuana was the only offense. He said his staff was continuing to prosecute other cases where possession was secondary to a more serious charge, such as drunken driving.

“The people have spoken through this initiative,” said Lindquist. “And as a practical matter, I don’t think you could sell a simple marijuana case to a jury after this initiative passed.”

In an interview, Satterberg said his office would continue to prosecute marijuana possession above one ounce, allowing for “a buffer for those whose scales are less than accurate.” His office also charges felony possession — for people with more than 40 grams — although he said his staff routinely allows those defendants to plead down to a misdemeanor.

#OpAnonRevival – Helping Anons stay Anonymous

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#OpAnonRevival – Helping Anons stay Anonymous

Greetings Citizens of the World, We are Anonymous..Today 11/05/2012 marks the commencement of Operation AnonRevival. An Operation to get the majority opinion of Anonymous on record. And to bring awareness about Anonymous and what we stand for to the greater public as a whole.

Over past few years Anonymous has been labeled as Pranksters, Activists, Hacktivists and most recently Terrorists. It is this final label we are going to be addressing. This is by far one of the most offensively incorrect statements that has been made about us. We defeated Scientology, The Wrath of Xenu, HB Gary, Stratfor, The censorship of Egypt, Syria & Libya,stopped SOPA and assisted in the foundation of the Occupy movement. But like all movements for social change before it, the Occupy movement and Anonymous have become the target of infiltration and COINTELPRO for profits over people (despite that program supposedly being dismantlted in the 70s). People like Fawkes Security (@FawkesSecurity) are trying to make people believe that we truly are terrorists.[1] Anyone that has operated with us before or even observed us in action, would know that nothing could be further from the truth!

Poll Link http://tinyurl.com/AnonRevivalPoll [2]
(!!! Poll expires 11/21 !!!)

So let us take this opportunity now to gauge exactly how you as Anons feel on some of the more broad issues that we face. We choose these questions to cover some of the most common conceptions people may draw about Anonymous. If this Operation is a great success, You may very well see more ‘opinion polls’ under the banner of #OpAnonRevival [3]

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

[1] http://anoncentral.tumblr.com/post/34158034318/response-to-fawkessecuritys-threats-please

[2] Poll Link http://tinyurl.com/AnonRevivalPoll

[3] Mibbit Link http://tinyurl.com/AnonRevivalChat

B.C. moves to Decriminalize Marijuana!

Source: vancouversun.com

B.C. mayors vote to decriminalize pot: That was the easy part

Experts, police at odds about effect lifting drug laws will have on reducing organized crime


B.C. municipal leaders voted Wednesday for a resolution that calls for the decriminalization of marijuana, but they’re facing a major hurdle: convincing Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government to change the law.

Harper has said previously he’s not interested. But former B.C. attorney-general Geoff Plant urged delegates at the Union of B.C. Municipalities earlier this week to join a “growing chorus of voices” across Canada to show the prime minister that across the country, “people are calling for change.”

While pot decriminalization falls under the purview of the federal government, he said, B.C. municipalities “all govern and live with this disastrous failure of public policy.”

The resolution, put forward by Metchosin District Coun. Moralea Milne, calls for the UBCM to lobby the “appropriate government to decriminalize marijuana and research the regulation and taxation of marijuana.”

It would apply to simple possession of cannabis.

The vote followed a lengthy debate earlier this week in which some experts, including Plant, argued the prohibition on pot is a failed policy that has cost millions of dollars in police, court, jail and social costs.

.. (RTFA for more)

Team V3nd3tt4 Press Release Operation Cannabis 420 Phase 2


Greetings from Anonymous and Team Vendetta,

As many are aware, Operation Cannabis 420 is a grass roots effort to bring all who use cannabis together for the purpose of legalization. Our efforts have been largely successful in terms of raising awareness and getting the word out. Our video and press releases for Operation Cannabis 420 – Phase 1 have reached countless numbers of people thanks to the internet and the pro-cannabis media. The support we have garnered for this operation is better than we could have dreamed.

Now, we would like to welcome you all to Operation Cannabis 420 – Phase 2! In this phase of the operation we will be focusing on two objectives: 1) Organizing several worldwide marches for cannabis legalization, the first of which is scheduled for October 1st (some of you may live in countries where the 1st falls on a Monday and might need to march a day sooner) and 2) Bringing to the forefront the “narco-warriors” (as they have come to be known). These are primarily the police unions, the private prison contractors, big pharmaceutical companies, the alcohol and tobacco industries, the corporate lobbyists for these organizations and the politicians who accept payoffs to legislate in their favor. These are the people who have a financial stake in keeping cannabis illegal, and are willing to spread lies, incarcerate cannabis users and ruin people’s lives. No more. We are calling them out and will not rest day or night until they end their unjust war on cannabis users.

This is a wake up call. Every single person who uses cannabis and every single person who supports our right to do so must take a stand now. We have too many people languishing in jail for marijuana “offenses”. We have too many people who are still ignorant to the facts of this miracle drug. It has been shown that THC can actually kill brain cancer cells, and also slow the rate of regeneration. It’s been proven that cannabis is extremely beneficial to cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy. These are just some of the benefits we are being denied because of the sleazy activity of a greedy minority.

Join us as we venture to put a stop to this once and for all. Organize an October 1st march for cannabis in your city/town. Talk to everyone. Make people aware. This fight could be won by simple math alone. We have far greater numbers. It’s time to put them to use.

Team Vendetta

Jason Steele, Enon E Muz, Portugese Manofwar, Anonymous_Nuke, You’May Call’Me Vee, Luke Windwalker, Young Guns, Milina Wolfrider


Letter to Anonymous from Holland

Dear Anonymous,

First of all..keep up the good work! I’m following some of the story’s and I think you do excellent work!

My name is (Withheld). I’m 30 years old (approx) and live in the south of Holland. Since the introducing of the weed pass, many troubles started. My complete street has changed from a nice quiet place, into a real ghetto. Many dealers have the chance to sell their drugs to Dutch citizens and to tourist who cannot enter the coffeeshops anymore. The first of may is for many people a black page.

A friend of mine works as a manager in one of the most famous coffeeshops in the south of Holland. They are doing their job for many years now without any trouble or what so ever. The coffeeshop is keeping the area clean, gives information about the use of marihuana, people under the age of 18 cannot enter (and they are really strict!) they sell good quality Hash and Marihuana (and coffee :D) and have a social tool to connect people, help people and gives them a place where they can be who they are. Since the first of may, everything is dramatically changed.

The first days Police enters the shops..writing down all the private passport information from customers and 1 guy was taken because he forgot to pay a traffic fine. Judged in front of public. Police are using the shops now as a Lobster pot (do I say that right?) to register people’s data. Many people become afraid and don’t want to enter the shop anymore. Who wants to be registered like a drug user No one! Because of that, all the shops in the south of Holland are empty. People are buying their weed on the streets now, tourist are still coming, but buying their weed on the streets. Dealers are everywhere where I look and in the night I’m affraid to sleep. A lot of people goes off to Nijmegen, a city where foreigners and dutch people still can buy weed without registering. And if I were them, I would to the same..

But here in the south..we have a lot of trouble. Let me share you my own experiences from 1 week.

-Daily, drug runners ask me where I come from if I want to buy something? or something else? (wtf?)
-Daily, Dutch citizens ask me to buy weed for them because they do not want to register, or foreigners who cannot enter.
-Runners are arriving from everywhere..Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Den Haag..making money and intimidate people.
-Even a child, asked me to buy some weed..I think the boy was only 9 😦
-Gangs are fighting for customers, a man who owns a flowershop is in between. If police arrive, they don’t even want to write down this man’s complain and laughs at him.
-At night it’s an orchestra from opening and closing trunks.
-Another gang fight..this time someone is showing a gun. If police arrives..everyone is gone.
-`in the early morning..I hear screaming, and it sounds like someone is beaten up. I hear a car pulling up and driving away quickly. A few hours later I found out someone was beaten up badly and is in hospital. De flower man saw everything and is even more afraid for his new born baby and his wife.
-On the way to work runners passing by..I recognize one of them. He used to work in a restaurant to wash dishes. He shows me a pack of money and laughs at me. He is only 15.
-A store in my city, I talked with the manager. She tells me they got a lot of trouble with runners. They had a fight and a guy showed his knife.
-Today, I went home by bus..a teenager finds a little bag of coke on the ground and asks the driver what to do with it. The man is getting nervous and throws it in the bin, he asks me..what the fuck is going on here? I only can move my head from right to left.
And I can go on and on and on.
People are complaining everywhere..but the media is making propaganda that the weed pass is a success. It’s quiet on the streets..duh! Everybody goes up to other cities..and people are afraid to walk outside. In Maastricht people are losing jobs because the tourists are staying away. If I find news about the complains..in 10 minutes the newsflash is gone???
And today..they putted Marihuana on the list Hard Drugs. Many years people using their cannabis in a respective way. No criminality..and everything is gone! Just like that!
If this is already happening to the south of Holland..what is going to happen to the rest of Holland on January 1st? when the weed pass is entering Amsterdam? Rotterdam?
-No more tourist
-more criminality
-more people without a job
-more addicts
-less money..and we are almost bankrupted anyway
-higher costs
-a ghetto country.

Dear anonymous..Since the first of May, I call myself an activist. My freedom is my all, even though I’m not a real pot smoker, this is the start of a disaster what will affect in many ways. I’ve seen Zeitgeist and other DOCU’s, went to David Icke and follows the news from everywhere to stay conscious about what is really going on in the world. I want to stand up and fight for people’s rights, fight for freedom. <(Withheld comments about activities of author)> Can I be an anonymous member? Can I do anything to liberate us, people? Please tell me? what can I do anonymous? Without letting anyone know that I wrote this letter..I hope you can take me serious and give me an answer.

Thank you for reading my letter..best regards,

Anonymous member from Holland

(Edited letter to remove identifying remarks and corrected minor spelling.)

Messages from the inbox of OpCannabis@gmail.com April 2012

April 20th 2012

Thank you for taking this issue on! I was busted in 67′ when only 40-50K had been arrested for weed. Now it’s over 21 million souls that have been conned into this “gotcha” trap.

Thanks again and thanks for exposing the American government for what it is.

Peace and Happy Four-Twenty!
We need a Pot Super Pac. One that supports candidates that take the pledge for legalization.

April 23rd 2012

It took me fourteen days from the tumor being observed until it was gone.

Nothing else .. cannabis extract only.

Started out 2-3 cm .. gone in 14 days.

Why not?

April 24th 2012

Thank you for joining the fight against prohibition. I’m not rich and cannot afford to donate money to the cause, but you do have my full support. Thank you, your efforts are very appreciated.
Do you think its possible for cannabis to be legalized in Canada this year (2012)???
What are you going to contribute to this movement?
I really am praying for you guys to do something about this conspiracy fact…
I mean this plant should be legal for anyone to grow and use.
It must be the proof of mother natures best gifts to us & the planet as a whole…
Dr. Robert Melamede has lots of amazing information about the endocannabinoid system and how cannabis interacts with it..
Dr. William Courtney has done lots of work with patients, check out ‘LEAP’ on youtube – talks about how they can help all 210 cell types function more effectively!
Check out the documentary ‘Chronic Future : Killing Cancer’ !!
Please, PLEASE get this atleast removed from the criminal code – if possible before august please???
I’ve got a court date in August for possession of cannabis, 20 grams, and they want to give me a CRIMINAL RECORD for medicating myself with legit, organic medicine! I live in Nanaimo, BC. I am really hoping that somehow there can be a way to force our government to eliminate personal possession CRIMINAL CHARGES…. I THINK THIS IS A HUGE PRIORITY…
Also, changing society’s general view on the benefits of cannabis can be a good tool for the change, right?
What can be done for people like my parents, they dont believe that cannabis is very beneficial….
Please change the world, its 2012, i hope the changes will be in effect soon!

April 25th 2012

Hey I thought of a possible idea to help spread the OPCannabis movement. Spread the word to start planting marijuana seeds all over the place. Maybe give links to places we can get seeds and spread the info. If we can have marijuana plants growing all over the US that would be awesome and definitely help the legalization movement.

April 26th 2012

In 1988, in response to a petition to re-schedule marijuana, the DEA’s own administrative law judge Francis L. Young ruled that the law REQUIRES MARIJUANA TO BE RESCHEDULED because it does NOT belong in Schedule I. I have not read the whole thing, only pages 53 to 69, because that’s where the findings of fact are.


After hearing all the evidence, in her findings of fact, this DEA judge ruled that marijuana is one of the most non-toxic substances on the planet, and absolutely can be used safely. (Schedule I says it’s not safe to use under any circumstance.) In her ruling, Judge Young even noted that RAW POTATOES ARE FAR MORE TOXIC TO HUMANS THAN CANNABIS. You can eat enough raw potatoes to die from it, while you’d have to eat or smoke approx. 1500 pounds of cannabis before suffering a harmful toxic overdose, making it effectively impossible to overdose on cannabis (as I’m sure you know).

It makes me wonder, when I have a fatal dose of raw potatoes sitting in my kitchen right now, where is the government to protect me from this demon vegetable? (And don’t even get me started on the FDA approved pharmaceuticals sitting in my medicine cabinet… A fatal dose of each of them is right there, but oh, that’s right, those are the “good” drugs.”)

Of course the DEA ignored their own judge’s ruling. That was almost 25 years ago. It’s not like the government doesn’t know the truth. They just prefer to keep on lying.


The U.S. government has a patent on medical marijuana, while simultaneously trying to claim it has no medical value. Hypocrisy and dishonesty at its finest.

I thought this was interesting, and I hope you will use it on the site (and feel free to use any of my commentary above, and/or modify as you see fit).


April 30th 2012

Hi, I live in the UK and have a friend who’s brother suffers from autism and the meds prescribed are making things worse. this video shows that cannabis is a much better alternative. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BjhNU20a_4g

Keep up the amazing work. Together we can make a change