#OpCannabis covered at Gulli.com


Here’s a Google Translation:

Anonymous advocates legalization of marijuana

It is the nature of the activist collective Anonymous, that virtually any person can apply under the famous name of his loose alliance goals and plans. The latest anonymous action proves once more. Unknown to try as part of “Operation cannabis” to achieve that hemp can be traded internationally without restriction and used.

To reach this goal, plan the anonymous activists, information and studies on the consumption of marijuana to spread, describing the alleged positive aspects of drug use. In a statement, the currently circulating on the net, hemp as a flexible funding is being touted in the medical field. “Cannabis stops the growth of tumors, cures cancer and brings T-cells to regenerate,” it says. Even in the case of multiple sclerosis, Tourette syndrome, and insomnia can you only benefit from the effect of the notorious THC consumption.

As responsible people actually want to move from “Operation cannabis” the world’s governments to allow the unrestricted movement of cannabis remains questionable. So far it stayed only in the spread of the supposedly positive aspects of the drug. This is apparently supposed to ensure that third parties can also make the case for the legalization desired. The current state is unacceptable in any case, according to Anonymous: “A large part of the marijuana trade is in the hands of criminals. […] If they [the government] of a cannabis control would introduce could, and receive a portion of the money. ”

Regardless of how wants to fight “cannabis operation” for his goals – it is certain that the action has little to do with what Anonymous uses for usually. Of concern for the privacy practices or the hatred of supposedly malevolent company is so far not been mentioned.

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