Anonymous Operation Cannabis Press Release

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Attention individual people, governments, companies and fellow Anons!

We are Anonymous and we have an important message for you:

There is a plant, which is probably the most versatile plant on our planet: Cannabis (Hemp)

You may know people who are ill of cancer or died because of it. Cancer patients often have excrutiating pain because of their illness. With a cannabinoid they wouldn’t have to endure such needless pain and 9 times out of 10 (for a running total of over 1,500) cannabinoids stopped the growth of tumors, CURED CANCER and caused T-Cells to return to normal levels. Furthermore there are approaches for treatment methodus for Anorexia and AIDS with the cannabinoid THC. Also Cachexia can be treated with Nabilone. There’s is no end of positive effects for Cannabis as a medicine: Multiple sclerosis, Tourette syndrome, ADD/ADHD, insomnia and so on.

As mentioned before, cannabis is very versatile, it can be used for food, too. For Example the Seeds include many vitamin B. Hempsoup, Hempbutter and other food made of hemp is very healthy for the human.

For the industry it’s even more valuable because cannabis is a good isolator. In addition to that, hemp is good for making paper; did you know that the declaration of independence was written on hemp paper? Cannabis can also be used for the production of plastic varieties, which value is comparable to the value of steel. On top of that Hemp is a renewable resource and fully biodegradable, so there is no damage to the environment.

And quite obviously, Cannabis is used as marijuana for smoking. Many people from all social classes are smoking marijuana. It’s a drug like caffeine, alcohol or tobacco, and all people know about the risks, which are arguably less. In fact cannabis has been shown to prevent the onset of cancer, even just by smoking it. What positive health effects can you list for tobacco or alcohol hmm? Yet these are heavily promoted to you by the Governments, Corporations and Media.

So the only question would be: Why arent we legalizing marijuana? Currently, a large part of marijuana-sales is in the hands of criminal organizations all around the world and due to strict drug laws these criminals profit even more.

So we demand a full legalization of Cannabis; Good for the population, the fight against crime and the country itself.

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us

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