Important message from Anonymous concerning Invade Wall Street!

Source also on AnonNews

UPDATE: Also picked up by (Thanks)

Citizens of the world

We are Anonymous! Recently something very disturbing has come to our attention. You must take all notices and information claiming to be ‘Anonymous’ with a grain of salt. Consider EVERYTHING.

Operation Invade Wall Street is bullshit! It is a fake planted operation by law enforcement and cyber crime agencies in order to get you to undermine the Occupy Wall Street movement. It proposes you use depreciated tools that have known flaws such as LOIC.

Anonymous would never tell you to use LOIC – Not after the arrests and failures of Operation Payback.

Anonymous wouldn’t attack NYSE on a HOLIDAY – It is debatable if Anonymous would ever even attack NYSE.

Be wary friends!

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget
Expect Us
Be wary of imitations!

And now this

2 responses to “Important message from Anonymous concerning Invade Wall Street!

  1. how can i know which of your videos and messages are you and which are the other you? theres a youtube channel with the video message saying you are atatcking oct 10, it looks like all the other videos so is there a way to know when thy started doing this?
    you do not forgive
    you do not forget
    Expect you
    Respect you

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