Feds Tell California Pot Dispensaries: Close In 45 Days

Source: The420Times

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Federal prosecutors have launched a crackdown on pot dispensaries in California, warning the stores that they must shut down in 45 days or face criminal charges and confiscation of their property even if they are operating legally under the state’s 15-year-old medical marijuana law.

5 responses to “Feds Tell California Pot Dispensaries: Close In 45 Days

  1. It has begun, the blatant forces of the federal government have initiated their shut-downs! I guess it’s back to alley dealing, unsafe environments and rediculous prices. What’s a cancer patient to do? Yo, Obama, where’s YOUR compassion? Is it in your pocket with your crack pipe? Can’t you and Barney Frank and Ron Paul get some fire under the FDA, the DEA, the ATF, FTC, WTO, ICE, and all other gov’t agencies that are standing in the way to cease and desist? Oh ya; the State Dep’t, the Justice Dep’t, the Ag. Dep’t, all need to step down!

  2. The only way the fed will let people use pot for med.
    1.National referendum
    2 get some congressman to sponser a bill for it and pass it

  3. how in the hell can the state of california legalize pot growing . I know there are numerous kids from wisconsin have moved to the pot stop and for that reason . And their comments are , come to california and make over 70, 000.00 a year or more . Wake up government of california and stop putting pot in the kids hands .

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