Anonymous Calls for Legalization of Marijuana Operation Cannabis Phase 1

Dear Citizens of the World

For far too long cannabis has been oppressed by big corporations ,big pharma and governments when it could be benefiting all of mankind on many different levels. We have heard and we have watched your government lie and deceive you on all the dangers of cannabis. Show support by making your profile pictures green this April 20th on your social network profiles. OpCannabis phase 1, initiated. We are Anonymous…..Expect us.

One response to “Anonymous Calls for Legalization of Marijuana Operation Cannabis Phase 1

  1. Thank you Anonymous, always nice to see a new face get behind the cause.
    I’d really like to see the energy that’s going into occupy and all the revolutionary movements around the world go into fighting the drug war. Because folks, the drug war is the source of all our modern problems. It’s the last weapon left to the establishment for keeping us divided, fearful and ignorant and therefore slaves of the system. Globally we spend close to half a trillion dollars on consuming illicit drugs and on policing illicit drugs every year. What other world war gets financed to that degree every year for decades without question? No economy can continue bleeding like that indefinitely without finally collapsing in a corrupted, cancerous mass.
    And what would we have if we did not have this system of fear and control? We would be living on the land providing for ourselves. And that’s nothing to freak out about. Until recently, most people round the world were doing pretty well till colonialism made them slaves.
    There’s no reason why we shouldn’t live a happy and healthy four or five score years in a low tech rural economy. Good health and longevity is down to good diet, and community management rather than an endless introduction of the latest high technology.
    And there’s not much room for corporate profit in a rural community that provides for all its own needs. Because if you want freedom from the multi-nationals that’s what you’re asking for, the right to go back to the land, self sovereignty, self responsibility. But the government made that very hard by banning one of the most important crops on the planet. Amongst a number of strategies they also made it hard on rural communities by heavily regulating alcohol. Alcohol isn’t really legal either; just try making some and selling it yourself. Brewing and trading in alcohol is something people have been doing for thousands of years. It is one of the basic rights of people to make, use and prosper by the gifts that nature affords us and our own labor and governments have no right to prevent us from activities that result in economic transaction for any reason. The current alcohol regulations were the compromise that we were left with when prohibition ended. Prohibition literally remained in force as far as fuel alcohol was concerned as it was basically impossible to produce it lawfully for sale unless you were a large company.
    Alcohol is an important cleaner, lighting, cooking, engine fuel and a basis for many other products. All plastic products can be made from alcohol instead of fossil fuels and the chemistry of plastics is not that difficult to work with. So the heavy regulation of alcohol meant everyone was denied the right to produce these materials locally for the benefit of local communities. Then add the ban on hemp and the new synthetic materials made from fossil fuels are left with two major competitors safely and completely out of the way.
    Hemp was just making a comeback in America having been displaced by cheap slave made cotton. With slavery gone and the development of new harvesting machines, hemp suddenly became very economical as a source of paper and fiber, seriously undermining William R. Hearst’s massive forest holdings.
    Had it not been for these laws of first prohibition and then strict regulation we would be looking at a very different world today where farmers the world over would be producers of natural fibers and synthetic fibers made from their own multi-purpose alcohol.
    Without these regulatory interferences, fossil fuels probably would still have been used but not to the same extent as today. The alternatives like locally produced alcohol and hemp fibers for all purposes would have had a place in the market.
    These extreme regulations took products that had belonged to people for thousands of years and locked them up. And then we are sold synthetic, toxic mass produced artificial copies of things we used to make with our own hands. The making of things was taken from the common people of rural communities and handed to the multi-nationals. Everything that once came from the land and from the rural communities would now come from an oil well enriching a few men while millions of people are now forced to live in over crowed cities without the work that kept them occupied in rural communities for centuries.
    When it’s all added up, after decades without one of the major crops and basic commodities missing from the rural economies of the world, that is surely going to have the effect of literally moving the economy away from the rural communities and giving it all to the companies that own the oil wells.
    Had there been these two extra industries in our rural community’s money and then jobs might not have been so hard to come by for country people
    So if we want to get our rights back and be free of the giant companies we have to get the land back and the right to grow and produce the things that people have produced as a matter of course for many centuries. WE have to legalize and deregulate all naturally produced commodities.
    That is just the occupy Wall Street angel on the argument
    The full extent of negative effects of the drug war could fill a large book.
    But let’s start with the corruption of every police force in the world. That’s bound to have some bad repercussions for a start. And if it’s a problem in the western world, what does it do to developing nations? It rips them apart. To fight the drug war every police force in the world has been made about fifty percent larger in size. Then they find they can’t do anything to stop the river of drugs and money and so they might as well dip in for their own benefit. Once the rot has set in, it spreads like a virus and soon the whole institution of governance is corrupted. Departments end up being controlled by self righteous bullies who bulldoze their policies through rather than involve the community, because prohibition is a law of bullies. You have to be a bully to enforce this law and bullies prefer the company of bullies and make sure that bullies are employed around them and replace them and so the mantle of power is handed to the next generation of bullies.
    This is how we end up with giant shopping malls inappropriately dropped on quiet suburban areas, or poorly designed nuclear reactors built on fault lines.
    Well the bullies have had the power long enough it’s time to take their power from them.
    Worldwide we spend more than a third of a trillion dollars a year on drugs. Then through our taxes we also spend almost two hundred billion dollars a year on policing drugs. That’s almost half a trillion dollars a year spent on a war year after year, decade after decade without question Even though it never gets closer to its goal of eliminating drugs. The goal obviously is not to win the war but just to fight the war, keeping soldiers employed and vested interests in positions of power.
    By centralizing services, people were denied their rights to self reliance leaving them dependant on corporations for every day commodities.
    The big company is not essential for development, there are or were, people designing and building silicon chips in their back yard shed. A very sophisticated shed but it can be done like the black smith, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. It’s a world where the customer buys a product from the person who made it. It might cost more but it’s built to last, resources are used sparingly and profits are slimmer but income is distributed more equitably throughout a cottage industry based, rural economy. The general populace shares the costs and the resulting benefits of self-employment and development does continue but at a slower and more manageable pace.
    Because it happens in a landscape of cottage industries that appear out of spare rooms and back yard sheds. This is what leads to inventiveness and provision of quality custom made goods and if they are expensive that is right and proper because well made things are hard to come by and to NOT pay their worth for them results in exploitation. Which is what we see happening around the world. Nations that supply many resources and goods have problems with how they treat their citizens and as a result don’t pay them enough which is how we end able buying the goods they produce at the cost of jobs at home. It’s called out sourcing and it results in our western economy relying on tyrannies that produce cheap products by exploiting their people as a virtual slave labor force.
    Prohibition is the keystone in the arch of global corruption and tyranny; remove that and it all comes tumbling down. Suddenly we get our rights back, our land, our homes, our identity, our connection with our nature and each other.
    Please support any efforts to reform marijuana laws.

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