Cannabis Cures Cancer

CB2 Receptors act like a target for cannabinoids. Once they bind to the receptor they tell the cancer cell to die, to commit suicide. Cannabis can be used as an anti-cancer medicine.

See the entire documentary “Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis” by MontanaPBS at

6 responses to “Cannabis Cures Cancer

    • I would like to respond to this video concerning the company Cannabis Science that has been working hard to draw attention to the cancer killing properties of cannabis. I myself have invested in their stock and have since posted frequently on the investorshub (ihub) site to share information concerning the science (as I have a master’s degree in bio engineering and am well informed on the subject thanks to the massive amount of papers on the internet). However, recently the site has become flooded with (probably paid) bashers that will do anything to bash the company and try and instill fear in the hearts of potential investors and make people sell or persuade them not to buy. The continued success of the company is tied to the price of its stock, and the bashers have been able to keep it down for now. This phenomenon is not tied solely to Cannabis Science, although it is understandably the strongest there, seeing as how convincing the general public of the cancer killing properties of cannabis could be what really makes the scales tip in the battle to legalise cannabis and allow it to be used for medicinal and industrial uses. In my opinion, this could be a perfect target for Anonymous to have some serious lulz and have a solid impact on changing the world for the better at the same time. Kind regards!

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