The Raw Story interviews #OpCannabis


‘Anonymous’ hacker: Legalize marijuana for the cure

By Stephen C. Webster
Friday, April 20, 2012 8:00 EDT

Heroes to some and villians to others, the “Anonymous” movement has come to symbolize much more than just a group of rogue hackers. But far from breaking into computer networks run by rogue governments or multinational corporations, as they’ve come to be known for, the online hacktivists now have their sights set on a different human rights issue entirely: marijuana prohibition.

Members of the hacking collective, who were at the epicenter of planning and promoting “Occupy Wall Street” last year, announced earlier this month that April 20, 2012 would mark the beginning of an official “Anonymous” push-back against America’s drug laws.

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3 responses to “The Raw Story interviews #OpCannabis

  1. Hello i am Anon69, i am a medical patient for cannabis. i suffer from PTSD, so i understand the many benefits, medically. Which that perspective alone would damage the 1% in the pharmacutical market. how ever if we should get a footing with the legalization of this plant. Cannabis would single-handedly take out all the controlling powers. We would be able to create all of our own resources. Anything from paper to fuel to car parts and clothes. The machine would break-down from their sheer pointlessness. No one would ever need or want the 1% again. The power of agriculture would return. And the FARMER would receive the respect he deserves ,FINALLY!

  2. Anonymous symbolize much more…… free world, free use of plants wich are here with us since millions of years….support Ganja and decriminalization drug use….

  3. Guy, you are just great, not only for your present struggle (legalisation of marijuana, which I totally support), but because you struggle against the overwhelmingly powerful tiranny of the mainstream way of thinking (or should I say “not-thinking”?)
    Anyway don’t give up, ever. Millions are ready to support you, as it is already happening.
    I am among them.

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