Letter to Anonymous from Holland

Dear Anonymous,

First of all..keep up the good work! I’m following some of the story’s and I think you do excellent work!

My name is (Withheld). I’m 30 years old (approx) and live in the south of Holland. Since the introducing of the weed pass, many troubles started. My complete street has changed from a nice quiet place, into a real ghetto. Many dealers have the chance to sell their drugs to Dutch citizens and to tourist who cannot enter the coffeeshops anymore. The first of may is for many people a black page.

A friend of mine works as a manager in one of the most famous coffeeshops in the south of Holland. They are doing their job for many years now without any trouble or what so ever. The coffeeshop is keeping the area clean, gives information about the use of marihuana, people under the age of 18 cannot enter (and they are really strict!) they sell good quality Hash and Marihuana (and coffee :D) and have a social tool to connect people, help people and gives them a place where they can be who they are. Since the first of may, everything is dramatically changed.

The first days Police enters the shops..writing down all the private passport information from customers and 1 guy was taken because he forgot to pay a traffic fine. Judged in front of public. Police are using the shops now as a Lobster pot (do I say that right?) to register people’s data. Many people become afraid and don’t want to enter the shop anymore. Who wants to be registered like a drug user No one! Because of that, all the shops in the south of Holland are empty. People are buying their weed on the streets now, tourist are still coming, but buying their weed on the streets. Dealers are everywhere where I look and in the night I’m affraid to sleep. A lot of people goes off to Nijmegen, a city where foreigners and dutch people still can buy weed without registering. And if I were them, I would to the same..

But here in the south..we have a lot of trouble. Let me share you my own experiences from 1 week.

-Daily, drug runners ask me where I come from if I want to buy something? or something else? (wtf?)
-Daily, Dutch citizens ask me to buy weed for them because they do not want to register, or foreigners who cannot enter.
-Runners are arriving from everywhere..Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Den Haag..making money and intimidate people.
-Even a child, asked me to buy some weed..I think the boy was only 9 😦
-Gangs are fighting for customers, a man who owns a flowershop is in between. If police arrive, they don’t even want to write down this man’s complain and laughs at him.
-At night it’s an orchestra from opening and closing trunks.
-Another gang fight..this time someone is showing a gun. If police arrives..everyone is gone.
-`in the early morning..I hear screaming, and it sounds like someone is beaten up. I hear a car pulling up and driving away quickly. A few hours later I found out someone was beaten up badly and is in hospital. De flower man saw everything and is even more afraid for his new born baby and his wife.
-On the way to work runners passing by..I recognize one of them. He used to work in a restaurant to wash dishes. He shows me a pack of money and laughs at me. He is only 15.
-A store in my city, I talked with the manager. She tells me they got a lot of trouble with runners. They had a fight and a guy showed his knife.
-Today, I went home by bus..a teenager finds a little bag of coke on the ground and asks the driver what to do with it. The man is getting nervous and throws it in the bin, he asks me..what the fuck is going on here? I only can move my head from right to left.
And I can go on and on and on.
People are complaining everywhere..but the media is making propaganda that the weed pass is a success. It’s quiet on the streets..duh! Everybody goes up to other cities..and people are afraid to walk outside. In Maastricht people are losing jobs because the tourists are staying away. If I find news about the complains..in 10 minutes the newsflash is gone???
And today..they putted Marihuana on the list Hard Drugs. Many years people using their cannabis in a respective way. No criminality..and everything is gone! Just like that!
If this is already happening to the south of Holland..what is going to happen to the rest of Holland on January 1st? when the weed pass is entering Amsterdam? Rotterdam?
-No more tourist
-more criminality
-more people without a job
-more addicts
-less money..and we are almost bankrupted anyway
-higher costs
-a ghetto country.

Dear anonymous..Since the first of May, I call myself an activist. My freedom is my all, even though I’m not a real pot smoker, this is the start of a disaster what will affect in many ways. I’ve seen Zeitgeist and other DOCU’s, went to David Icke and follows the news from everywhere to stay conscious about what is really going on in the world. I want to stand up and fight for people’s rights, fight for freedom. <(Withheld comments about activities of author)> Can I be an anonymous member? Can I do anything to liberate us, people? Please tell me? what can I do anonymous? Without letting anyone know that I wrote this letter..I hope you can take me serious and give me an answer.

Thank you for reading my letter..best regards,

Anonymous member from Holland

(Edited letter to remove identifying remarks and corrected minor spelling.)

4 responses to “Letter to Anonymous from Holland

  1. Hi,
    I am very sorry to hear this and unfortunately it could happen here where i am living.
    You are already anonymous. Anonymous is an idea and not a group.
    The best you can do is to keep being an activist, spreading the word and standing up for what is right. Hold protests in a safe and legal matter. If needed, fimilarize yourself with the local laws in holding protests etc. Again legal being the word.
    If there is a local group with the same views eg occupy! Go and talk to them.
    Keep in mind, once you walk this path, its going to be a hard battle and some battles are won and some are lost.
    Keep strong!!
    Stay anonymous!!

    If you have any other questions, feel free to reply here.


    • Dear Anonymous,
      Thank you for your answer. And thank you that you’re taking me serious. I know it’s a hard path, but I’ll do my own best to make people conscious about what we can do..to raise our voices and stand up. To show that we are not taking all the crap that media will let us believe. If I have questions or what so ever..you will hear me.
      Thank you again.
      Best regards,
      Anonymous from Holland

  2. At least i hope you made this on a proxy but it isn’t a crime to make letters. As long as the government can’t track you for a hack or knowing hackers. I also live in holland and heard what bad things are happening on the streets, the cops just sitting their and can’t do anything, or just don’t.

  3. dear dutchy ;record everything on video and put it on the internet ; and by the way the results of the govt actions are deliberate and planned (no being with access to science and other brains can not see what comes from that) ;problem reaction solution ;reality is actually shorter than that ;problem (screw the reactions) ram the solution down our throats. everything (human) happening on the planet is planned! the only free beings on earth are the so called dumb animals ,insects ,fish etc. you can tell any animal that they will be in jail if they break a law yet they have no advance fear of it ,only humans have fear implanted before the event actually occurs. so much for civilized intelligence aye? divide and conquer practices in our face and they know we are all in disagreement (caused by them ,,,and ourselves) it will all lead to having everyone on earth agree to their controlled global earth state ,one world dictatorship is what they think is needed to have peace on earth instead of an intelligent global race ,but they forget that if we all are educated to the highest degree that we could potentially have 7 billion solutions for every problem.

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