Team V3nd3tt4 Press Release Operation Cannabis 420 Phase 2


Greetings from Anonymous and Team Vendetta,

As many are aware, Operation Cannabis 420 is a grass roots effort to bring all who use cannabis together for the purpose of legalization. Our efforts have been largely successful in terms of raising awareness and getting the word out. Our video and press releases for Operation Cannabis 420 – Phase 1 have reached countless numbers of people thanks to the internet and the pro-cannabis media. The support we have garnered for this operation is better than we could have dreamed.

Now, we would like to welcome you all to Operation Cannabis 420 – Phase 2! In this phase of the operation we will be focusing on two objectives: 1) Organizing several worldwide marches for cannabis legalization, the first of which is scheduled for October 1st (some of you may live in countries where the 1st falls on a Monday and might need to march a day sooner) and 2) Bringing to the forefront the “narco-warriors” (as they have come to be known). These are primarily the police unions, the private prison contractors, big pharmaceutical companies, the alcohol and tobacco industries, the corporate lobbyists for these organizations and the politicians who accept payoffs to legislate in their favor. These are the people who have a financial stake in keeping cannabis illegal, and are willing to spread lies, incarcerate cannabis users and ruin people’s lives. No more. We are calling them out and will not rest day or night until they end their unjust war on cannabis users.

This is a wake up call. Every single person who uses cannabis and every single person who supports our right to do so must take a stand now. We have too many people languishing in jail for marijuana “offenses”. We have too many people who are still ignorant to the facts of this miracle drug. It has been shown that THC can actually kill brain cancer cells, and also slow the rate of regeneration. It’s been proven that cannabis is extremely beneficial to cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy. These are just some of the benefits we are being denied because of the sleazy activity of a greedy minority.

Join us as we venture to put a stop to this once and for all. Organize an October 1st march for cannabis in your city/town. Talk to everyone. Make people aware. This fight could be won by simple math alone. We have far greater numbers. It’s time to put them to use.

Team Vendetta

Jason Steele, Enon E Muz, Portugese Manofwar, Anonymous_Nuke, You’May Call’Me Vee, Luke Windwalker, Young Guns, Milina Wolfrider

8 responses to “Team V3nd3tt4 Press Release Operation Cannabis 420 Phase 2

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  2. greetings from Cyprus and big up to your effort . i am not an anomynous ,nor a hacker , but i see all those problems you say , daily,here in this island ..
    Cyprus is a very small island ,divided in two parts ,and controlled by others ..USA,English troops(and satelites since 1955) and all these under a big umbrella called Mafia..
    Many people here go to jail for cannabis and the judges dont play ..(for 2 grams you are facing about 5-8 years prison.. !
    I am very cautious writing this to you right now. /
    Cannabis prices are 30-40euro for 1 gram and its the most expensive herb in the worldwide world . (Young kids,don’t even have the experience or the knowledgement to NOT follow other drugs ) … so, when a young kid,don’t have those money to buy a gram ,but he still wants something,it’s more easily to go and buy an XTC that is 5euros … xtc YES,leads to other drugs-cannabis DONT.
    I’m telling you these things to consider HOW harmfull a State can be for his own people ..

    Also,here, the political system ,don’t have ONE law that seperates cannabis from other drugs. (if you get caught with cannabis ,it’s like you get caught for heroin-same thing(?) .. and the story goes on ..police-lawyers-judges-politicians-TV = more money

    They are following step by step Usa’s law on “War on drugs” and people ,especially young (18-25) are going to jail for nothing..

    Cyprus people awareness about this matter is below Zero .so they accept any laws without problem .

    I know we are a small island and people cant change easily But i believe that Cyprus is the best place to start with .. for many reasons ..

    Cyprus is getting Europe’s presidency on july 1st and its a good way to start

    .We. Residence of Cyprus Salute you
    wish to hear from you

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