6 responses to “About #OpCannabis

  1. If you’re in the NYC area on MAY 5th, JOIN US @ the GLOBAL CANNABIS MARCH @HIGH NOON @ Washington Square Park going to Union Square Park for RALLY til 6:pm. ReLegalize Marijuana for Medical, Recreational, and Religious use. NO MAS STOP N FRISK !!!
    INFO and Donations >>> 9bleecker.com / 212-677-5918 / The Yippie Cafe @ 9 Bleecker St

    We NEED the following to make signs for the Global Cannabis March on May 5th.
    Please donate poster board, foamcore board, MARKERS, poster paint, brushes, MARKERS, balloons, banner fabric…drop off @ The Yippie Cafe @ 9 Bleecker St
    INFO and Donations >>> 9bleecker.com

  2. Anonymous #OpCannabis welcome to a just cause. Note that the federal definition of marijuana is an abstruse, racist, 104 word tautology. To free cannabis and have a reasonable debate about the rescheduling of cannabis smoke, demand this simple definition of marijuana which actually shows respect for our Constitution.

    16. The term ‘marijuana’ means all parts
    of the smoke produced by the combustion
    of the plant Cannabis sativa L.

    For more information, google Talking Points for the Peloton.

  3. This case is about the new Dutch law, which allows only dutch to visit a CS (after registration) and the CS needs to be changed into a “private club” with passes.

    So the government gets a nice list of all consumers.

    And the problem with the streetdealers and the tourists of course.

    You imagine if this takes law in Amsterdam ???

    You had your ban of alcohol in america, didn’t work out well as I remember.

    We are Anonymous …

    Expect us, because we are Legion !

    We never forget, we never forgive !

  4. Anonymous please help save Medical Marijuana in Washington Statee. It is beyond messed up. I know that you are aware.

    But, I need to ask for help directly:

    1) Those that be seem to have hired some hackers. They attacked the CAC website to the point where it had to be taken down (sending spam mail out of their accounts, threatening the server company, etc). The CAC is our main line of defense against authority trying to remove cannabis from the people.

    Once that website went down, they moved on to the next target:

    2) Now, it would seem that the same hackers are now attacking NWGT.org. They have crippled the website several times (including right now as far as I can tell – they also posted text walls of search query information and other simple issues) and even at one point changed the banner of the website to the I-502 logo to taunt us.

    Can someone please stop these hackers and attack them back? Expose them? According to the CAC is seems that NORML flipped sides and may be behind this. In either case, our community needs to organize and fight and this website is ‘the’ website for activists and patients in our state. Its the ‘core’ the ‘core’ moves around in. We need it functioning. We also need to know who is doing this so we can further identify our enemies. We could also use your advice on securing the website better.

    Any thing you can find against ‘R.G’ of the ‘WSLCB’ would help us greatly.

    I was at the rally in Olympia this week. It was nice to see Anon there.

    Please help us with these hackers. Please help us liberate this plant for its real purposes. Everyone at NWGT.org supports freedom and liberty – fully.

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